Sellers can sell Building Materials, DIY (Do It Yourself), Home Decor and Hardware & tools in ALISUQ.

General Terms & Conditions:

  • ALISUQ provides free marketplace seller platform to Sellers.
  • ALISUQ provides free digital marketing for Seller products.
  • Seller can be able to setup their platform in 30 to 40 minutes.
  • ALISUQ will take their commission charges order wise based on the initial agreed commission percentage.
  • Seller has to maintain the stock allocated to ALISUQ separately.
  • Seller can add shipment cost as additional to the sale price, also can activate free shipping to their product & categories.
  • Seller can make the mandatory quantity to purchase for particular product. Example: If ‘Product A’ mandatory quantity to purchase is 3 then customer cannot order ‘Product A’ without adding minimum 3 quantity.
  • All the commission charges are billed in AED.

Seller Payment:

  • Seller will receive the order payment from ALISUQ 14 days after the order delivery.
  • Seller will receive the payment to the bank account which they have entered inside the PAYMENT DETAILS page of seller dashboard.
  • Seller has to do shipping for all the building material products.

Shipping & Delivery:

  • Seller should deliver the products to customer within 2 to 5 days.
  • Seller should cooperate with ALISUQ to ensure our customers are happy and satisfied by delivering the products within agreed time.
  • Seller has to do shipping for all the Home Decor, DIY products and Building Materials.
  • For Hardware & Tools, Seller or ALISUQ will do shipping for the orders based on the initial agreed terms

Returns and Refunds:

  • ALISUQ customers can return Seller products within 7 days after order delivery.
  • Seller has to take the return items total cost in case of manufacturing defects, damage or incorrect items.
  • If there is a disagreement between Seller and Customer regarding the order return, Alisuq will re-validate the return order and takes the final decision which has to be agreed by Vendors.
  • Seller can mark non-returnable categories and products, if any.
  • Seller should agree on all the general ALISUQ website’s customer policies & terms.