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Krud Kutter Foam Action Tough Task Remover is a unique multi-purpose foam spray that quickly removes dried-out stains without scrubbing. In addition to removing sticky stuff, it also cleans paint splatter and more.

Reason to use:

  1. Earth-friendly: It is an eco-friendly product that does not cause air, water, and land pollution.
  2. The Dried-In Stain Removal Formula: There will be a noticeable difference, and your surface will look new.
  3. Suitable surfaces include: indoor, outdoor, automotive, and marine surfaces.
  4. Stain remover specially formulated to remove: Chewing Gum, Bird Droppings, Soap Scum, Bumper Stickers, Smoke Damage, Mildew Stains, Labels, Printer's Ink, Scuff Marks, Masking Tape, Crayon, Candle Wax, Most Glues, Lipstick, Cosmetics, Marker & Pen Ink, Shoe Polish, Perspiration, Dried Latex Paint, Tar & Asphalt, Food & Drink Stains, Paint Overspray, Brake Dust, Blood Stains, Tape Residue, Oil, Pet Stains, Fireplace Soot, Grease, Sun Tan Oil.


✔ It has a very mild, pleasant smell

✔ Suitable for exterior and interior use

✔ Safe for all fabrics

✔ Get rid of all stains even if they are 6 months old

✔ It contains 0% volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and is non-inflammable

✔ Cleaning time: Less than 5 minutes, more than 10 minutes on dried stain with continuous use


  • It does not just mask or cover the smell, but neutralizes it as well!
  • This cleaner is not just suitable for one task but is also useful for a number of other purposes such as deep cleaning vehicles, heavy machines, and marine surfaces.
  • It can be used on any fabric and material, including carpets and upholstery.

    Volume: Available in 12oz

    Recommend use: It can also be used on fabric.

    How To Use: 


    Recommend use: It is fabric safe and does not fade the color of laundry.

    How To Use: 

    Step 1. Always test on an hidden area first.

    Step 2. Apply product by spraying on stained surface.

    Step 3. Ensure that the foam penetrates to the inside of the toughest dried stains. 

    Step 4. Scrub with a brush first, then use a damp cloth or sponge for scratch-resistant surfaces.

    Step 5. Clean with a damp cloth.


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