Krud Kutter Oven And Grill Cleaner Clear 12ounce

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Krud Kutter Oven & Grill Cleaner is a foaming cleaner that removes accumulated grease and dirt without leaving behind caustic odors or harsh chemicals. While cleaning, it adheres to surfaces for longer, preventing leakage.

Reason to use:

  1. Earth-friendly: It is an eco-friendly product that does not cause air, water, and land pollution.
  2. Excellent texture: Foam action composition is sticky, so it adheres to surfaces and penetrates deeply for a quick and easy clean.
  3. Chemical-free: Although it removes a lot of tough soils, it doesn't contain harsh chemicals or toxic odors.
  4. Aims daily: The easy-to-use cleaner makes even the toughest stains and stubborn dirt disappear easily without any additional additives.


✔ No harmful chemicals or odors

✔ It emits no fumes

✔ Easily cleans ovens, grates, grills, and other surfaces

✔ Very easy to use - Just spray and wipe

  • It quickly removes greasy or baked-on debris from ovens, self-cleaning ovens, microwaves, grates, and grills.
  • It penetrates deep into the stain or dirt for quick and easy cleaning.
  • A few minutes is all it takes for the dirt to rest and be cleaned out of your kitchen.

Volume: Available in 12oz

Recommend use: On outdoor and indoor ovens and grills.

How To Use: 

Step 1. Shake the bottle thoroughly to mix the contents.

Step 2. Test it in an hidden area.

Step 3. Spray the solution onto the surface and let it sit for five minutes.

Step 4. Wipe the surface clean with a warm, damp cloth.

Step 5. Repeat if there is a heavy load.

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