KRUD KUTTER The Must for Rust Gel Spray

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Krud Kutter The Must for Rust Gel Spray is a high-quality product that prevents from rust developing on metal surfaces and restores shine.

Reason to use:

  1. Earth-friendly: It is an eco-friendly product that does not cause air, water, and land pollution.
  2. Safe, fast, effective on: Rusted or new metal, galvanized metal, aluminum, stainless steel, cast iron, chrome, brass, plastic, brick, stucco, stone, porcelain, fiberglass, ceramic, glass.
  3. Suitable for painting: Accepts any primer, paint, coating etc. when dry, and provides a clean surface free of contaminants, which allows a secure bond for coating.
  4. Rust Remover and Inhibitor: In just one simple step, it gets rid of rust and prevents it from occurring again! Apply the spray and watch it work.


✔ On bare metal, it can prevent rust for up to 12 months

✔ It polishes and coats metal surfaces

✔ Get rid of rust without damaging metal surfaces

✔ No harmful fumes or odors

✔ Suitable for use on indoor metal surfaces

✔ The water-based formula makes it very easy to use as you can dip or pour


  • This rust inhibitor/remover penetrates into every nook and cranny of a metal surface and dissolves the rust through chemical action.
  • It leaves a thin waxy film on metal protecting it from oxidation and rusting for at least a year.
  • It is very easy to use since it is water-based and can be sprayed and dipped onto metal surfaces.

    Volume: Available in 32oz

    Recommend use: To remove oil and grease from metal.

    How to use:

    Step 1. Always test on an hidden area first.

    Step 2. Prepare the metal product you want to use.

    Step 3. Spray the gel formula.

    Step 4. It usually takes 10-30 minutes to dissolve medium to light rust, whereas heavier deposits may need a second application.

    Step 5. After the rust has been dissolved, rinse it with water and wipe it until it is dry.

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