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Krud Kutter Ultra Power Specialty Adhesive Remover is a biodegradable formula that removes adhesives from wood, metal, concrete and masonry, without damaging the surfaces. The formulation is free of methylene chloride, volatile organic compound, caustic, and petroleum distillates.

Reason to use:
  1. Earth-friendly: It is an eco-friendly product that does not cause air, water, and land pollution.
  2. Safe for use: Krud kutter ultra power specialty adhesive remover actually provides a safer option as compared to acetone, paint thinners, and other standard solvents.
  3. Cleans perfectly: Brass, chrome, and fiberglass.
  4. Multiuse: The cleaner is used for cleaning and preparing parts prior to bonding, coating, and further processing.

✔ The formula acts like a fleet
✔ It removes reactive adhesives from a wide range of substrates
✔ Removes stiff-necked residue
✔ Refreshing citrus smell
✔ Suitable for exterior and interior use
✔ Cleaning time: 2-5 minutes

  • A pleasant citrus fragrance makes it appropriate for indoor use. The formula stays moist and active for 24 hours, making it easy for application over large areas.
  • It breaks up even the toughest stains and cleans your sticky messes with a formula you know and love. The solution is also suitable for removing most mastics, liquid nails, floor covering adhesives, and latex adhesives.
  • The surface-safe formula removes the stain without damaging the surface, so you won't ruin the finish, strip paint, or hurt your surface.

Volume: Available in 8oz, 16oz, 32oz

Recommend use: On silicone caulk, adhesive, sealants, tree sap, wet paint, glue, asphalt, ink, marker, soot, tar, wax, grease/oil.

How To Use: 

Step 1. Always test on an hidden area first.

Step 2. To clean, apply directly to the surface.

Step 3. Allow 2-5 minutes for the liquid to penetrate. 

Step 4. For scratch-resistant surfaces, scrub with a brush first, then wipe with a damp cloth or sponge.

Step 5. For other surfaces, dampen a cloth and wipe it down.

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