Modern Masters Metallic Interior Paint

Alrais Trading LLCSKU: ME701GAL

Color: Rich Gold
AED 253
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Modern Masters Metallic Interior/Exterior Paint can be used to create a high-end decorative finish in a variety of circumstances. Use it on a small accent piece or large architectural specification. Durable and long lasting for commercial application, yet, easy enough for do-it-yourself projects. Special formula contains real metal particles along with pearlescent and traditional pigments resulting in a palette of beautiful, non-tarnishing, shimmer colors. Modern Masters metallic paint collection offers three levels of coverage/hide: Opaque, Semi-Opaque and Sheer.
  • Use on any paintable, properly primed interior/exterior surface: walls, ceilings, columns, trim doors, furniture and paintable wall coverings
  • Covers approximately 320 sq. ft. - 400 sq. ft. / gal. depending on surface porosity
  • Shimmering metallic finish contains real metallic particles to offer a rich, decorative look
  • Unique durable, water-based formula that does not fade or tarnish
  • Semi-opaque finish provides good hide for surfaces in 3 coats
  • Recoat in 30 minutes, dries in 1 hour for quick project completion

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