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  • Trumastic Plastic is an acrylic co-polymer-based good quality matt paint with low washability for interior applications.
  • The distinguishing features of the product are good leveling flow, recoatability combined with good hiding and coverage.
  • Suitable as a general-purpose economical decorative matt finish for interior surfaces like concrete, Plaster, blocks, asbestos, masonry, and wooden surfaces.
  • It can be applied on stucco filler and gypsum board for sealing the surface.
  • Available Colors - White, Off-White
  • Theoretical spread rate: 13msq / litre at 30 microns DFT
  • Surface Dry: 1 hour / Recoat : 2-4 hours / Full dry : 24 hours
  • Application: Use brush, roller, and spray
  • New Surface: On new and bare surfaces prime with oasis PVA primer or oasis acrylic primer. Apply 1-2 coats of oasis stucco, if needed. Apply 2 full coats of Trumastic Plastic Emulsion.
  • Old surface for repaint: On previously paints surfaces in good condition, where similar colors are used, 1 coat may be sufficient.

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