Stops Rust - Satin Enamel Spray Paint

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Stops Rust Satin Enamel Spray Paint is a multipurpose paint that provides a long-lasting protective coating with outstanding resistance to rust and abrasion. 
Reason to use: 
  1. Coverage: It provides high quality coverage with pigment.
  2. Smooth strokes: The process can help to apply texture uniformly no matter what the angle is.
  3. Covers rust: Metal objects are normally prone to rust and corrosion, which over time diminishes their quality and appearance. An application of universal paint on metal can hide rust as well as cover it up.
  4. Satin finish: It boosts the dullness of material to give it a professional medium gloss finish, and provides an extra layer of protection against scratches and cuts.

✔ Stunning finish with long-lasting color

✔ Better coverage and toughness

✔ A ready-to-use paint

✔ Suitable for exterior and interior use

✔ Sprays from any angle

✔ Drying time: 30minutes (dries to touch)
  • It has a stunning luster finish that is often described as velvety.
  • It survives seasonal temperature fluctuations and continues to bond tightly.
  • The practice of painting hard surfaces was once thought to be limited to professionals, but now anyone can do it because of rust-oleum stops-rust, which is one of the most trusted paints in america.
Volume: Available in 12oz
Recommend use: For heavy metals, non-metals, wood surface.
How to use:
Step 1. Prep the surface.
Step 2. Shake the bottle.
Step 3. Spray on the desired surface from any angle.

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