Tangite Glue For PVC-U Pipe 125g

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Long open time: 4 minutes, simple joint creation even in the case of larger diameters (one person is sufficient for pipes up to 80 mm), simple and clean processing, higher safety thanks to excellent slit overlay capability, maximum leak protection, glued joints have resistance to the pipe material (except: concentrated acid).

Meets en 14814 and EN 14680 requirements

Meets EN 1329 requirements for discharges of water by plastic piping waste systems

Certified VUIS – Water supply and sewerage, s.r.o.

Suitable for food applications (SGS, Fresenius Institute, test report No 727685-01/02)

Field of application

Gluing thermoplastic pressure piping systems made of hardened PVC (drinking water, gas) in accordance with EN 1452. Suitable for non-pressure piping systems (wastewater drainage) in accordance with EN 1329. For assembly work and repairs (e.g. sewer pipes).

Ideal for structural joints of PVC boards and tiles (e.g. storage baths, cabinets). Plastic piping systems for industrial applications in accordance with EN ISO 15493


Cut off the end of the pipe at right angles, cut the edge from the outside (15°) and clean. Clean and dry the connected surfaces. Indicate the mounting depth of the intrusion at the end of the pipe. Apply Tangite PVC-U/PVC-C, ABS.

Clean with moisture-sucking paper towels and thoroughly clean dry surfaces that will stick. Use a new paper towels for each cleaning. Mix tangite glue before use, then apply along both sides with a brush (thin layer inside the fitting, thick at the end of the pipe), connect the tube and fitting without twisting and sticking in open time and hold tightly for a few seconds. Do not expose the glued joint to mechanical stress for 5 minutes. After the last gluing, wait at least 10-12 hours before inserting the pipe into the excavation.

Waiting time before starting operation and performing pressure test: 24 hours in case of new installations, in case of repairs 1 hour for each pressure bar – in individual cases longer.


For approximately 30 joints at d = 63 mm (calculated per 500 g).


When working, avoid contact with open fire and sparks. Ensure good ventilation in work areas. Wear appropriate protective clothing when working. Observe the instructions in the technical and safety data sheet.

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